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LOCATION: Pudong District, Shanghai |
TYPE: R&D Offices |
SCALE: 55,859 sq.m. |
DESIGN/ BUILT: 2011-2013 / 2016 |
PHOTOGRAPHY: Chen Hao, Zhu Siyu |

Commission for a 54,000 sq.m office park in the Zhangjiang R&D area in Shanghai, the project explores the typology of urban space through a new generation of industrial park. Based on the site context, the master plan embodies a central garden surrounded by seven office buildings, forming a cohesive “super-block” of continuous architectonic walls for an otherwise irregularly shaped building site. Through re-articulating the overall landscape, building form, sun-shading facade and service deck elements, the design sought to achieve a highly generic and high value-added work space. The overall area including both above and below ground is 54,000 sq. meter. The project concept design stage started in 2011, with the full design cycle carried out by project team and construction formally completed by the end of 2016.