LOCATION:  Yangjia Village, Xingping Town, Guangxi |
TYPE:  Hospitality & Landscape  |
SCALE:  Landscape 255 sqm,Pavilion192 sqm |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2017 / 2018 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Tian Fangfang |

It’s a tectonic experience for the mind, the body and the landscape.

The project is situated on a small plateau at the foothill behind Yangjia Village where the acclaimed Yun House Eco-resort is located.  Through minimum ground leveling and maximum preservation of views and vegetation, the design juxtaposes a pair of swimming pools and a yoga pavilion of almost equal dimensions parallel on the site, forming a high point in the hotel’s spatial sequence.

The footprint of the swimming pool is nearly equal to the yoga pavilion.  Adjacent to the path, the lower part of the site houses the infinity pool which directs views towards village, trees, and rocks, while the shallow upper pool under the pavilion directs views towards mountains, clouds, and stars.

The architecture pays tributes to the Nature in a minimalist way. A curved steel wall and an A-shaped steel column support the 8-meter by 24-meter steel canopy. A 50-metre long anti-ultraviolet translucent Sunbrella® fabric replaces the typical glass door and window façade.  Hanging between the ceiling and polished terrazzo flooring, the super-lightweight curtain of 127-gram per square meter captures a poetic panoramic view from the front village to the back mountains.