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LOCATION:  Central and West District, Hong Kong |
TYPE:  Landscape, Transport, Retail |
SCALE:  12.5 ha |
DESIGN:  2006 |

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Mass Transit Rail, the study presents an alternative to the HK Government’s proposal through the concept of “Urban Rainforest”, as a new planning strategy for one of the most prominent but under-utilized waterfront site in Hong Kong. The scheme proposes a biologically diverse waterfront, with a lush landscaped, 40-metre wide promenade for outdoor activities and temporary events. A green deck allows a separation of traffic and pedestrian flow while maintaining a pollution-free waterfront. By introducing iconic architectures for the new boutique hotel and new pier structures hosting leisure, entertainment, cultural and retail programs, the design transforms the existing Central Piers into a vibrant, integrated, people-oriented and sustainable world class waterfront.