LOCATION:  Luohu District, Shenzhen |
TYPE:  Public Space, Exhibition, Retail, Production |
SCALE:  96,000 sq.m. |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2005 / 2007 |

The Shenzhen Shuibei Industrial Zone was once the most significant site for jewelry manufacturing in China. Due to the shifting trend of urban development, the production here have gradually shifted towards design and exhibition. However, this transition is organic and incomplete. The image of the entire zone couldn not be upgraded despite the changing usage of the spaces.
There are three major components in the project: Master plan, Architectural façade renovation, and landscape design. The planning strategy utilizes the existing spatial structure and development trend within the zone to form a ring-like urban spatial chain. The term “Shuibei (water-jewel) Necklace” was coined to give a stronger concept. Along this “necklace” of urban spaces the facades of the original industrial buildings were treated with elements such as metal panel, stone panels, metal louvers, tiles, giving a strong contrast in color and materiality and a fitting image for a more contemporary and precision-based jewelry industry. What was originally an ad-hoc placement of advertising panels was redesigned to cantilever perpendicular from the façade (inspired by street signage in Hong Kong), giving a dynamic visual order and a new advertising effect.