LOCATION: Jiading District, Shanghai |
TYPE: Office |
SCALE: 6,936 sq.m. |
DESIGN/ BUILT: 2014-2016 / 2018 |

Shenyao Art Center is transformed from an old factory to an innovation art park displaying ceramic art works. In the second phase of this project, our main strategy is to transform existing structure of the south dormitory building and add volumes to the north. New programs are inserted but flexibly placed inside the factory to reconfigure the internal space, which at the same time enriches the playfulness of the space. The performance of applying a set of curvature dissolves the original strict grid system.

The facade is composed of brown ceramic bricks and white wall, simulating the delicate process of unglazed fragments transforming into a piece of ceramic art work. Through curved walls to reconstruct internal spaces, architectural form with varied heights further diversify the context of surrounding urban environment.