LOCATION:  Yangpu district, Shanghai |
TYPE:  Landscape & Infrastructure |
SCALE:  11147.6 sqm |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2017-2018 / 2019 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Chen Hao, Tian Fangfang |

It is the former site of Shanghai Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Works East Campus. The design aims to preserve the wildness, freshness, nature and downshifting character of the site by adopting the concept of limited disturbance. The existing camphor trees are retained and one of the former warehouses is transformed into an open Pavilion of Symbiosis. The design also takes into consideration the historical texture of the site and introduces a system of pedestrian routes and bicycle paths. The newly built elements, Garden of Vestige, Meadow in Succession and Eco Pond, are established through historic relics, the canal and building remains, and as the skeleton to the landscape. As an ensemble, the site provides visitors different touches of landscape when strolling inside, and together they make the East Campus an everyday landscape which not only functions as the riverside open space for city life, but also offers fun and diversity similar to traditional gardens in the Yangtze River Delta.