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LOCATION:  Qingpu District, Shanghai |
TYPE:  Bridge |
SCALE:  46m length, 20m width, 21m span |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2010 / 2011 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Jeremy San |

The bridge is located at a unique junction where a kindergarten, an elementary and middle school meet.  It is not just a bridge but also an urban space for parents and students alike during morning dropoff and afternoon pickup.  During the initial design stage, the major concern was to manage a triage of cars, bicycles, and pedestrian by extending the various lane dividers to create a safe space for young children.  Yet, the bridge design doesn’t just stop at meeting the functional requirements, but also looked at the structural and tectonic logic of the bridge construction as a formal language.  The main structure in this case utilizes pre-tensioned RC beams for the main span, resulting in a series of sloping elements and interesting visual orders.  The width and angles of the structural beams help to define certain location as seating and also encourages physical engagement from the students, creating a memorable landscape of infrastructure in this otherwise quite generic new town.