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LOCATION:  Qingpu District, Shanghai |
TYPE:  Office, Laboratory Building |
SCALE:  5,000 sq.m. |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2009 / 2011 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Jeremy San |

This design combines the Western “scientific view of nature” and the ancient Chinese, “humanistic view of nature” and through an individual’s own observation of nature, intuitive experience of surrounding environment,forming an “phenomenal view of nature” .The design not only satisfies criteria of scientific functional layout and humanistic nature of space and form, but also utilize the visual moment when one situate in architecture to constitute the inherent relationship between man and natural environment. The design adopted the “three walls, three courtyards, the third floor,” approach to blend the space in between wall and courtyard, and formed the entity of the architecture. Su Shi, “Wang Jiangnan • Spring” explains the root of Jiangnan cultural – the warm climate and detailed Xu style environment. This proposal is not focusing on the style of form of architecture, but rather, the relation between architecture and landscape (gardens, natural), and the visual moment of transitional space between buildings.