LOCATION: Hongkou District, Shanghai |
TYPE: Residence Interior Renovation |
SCALE: 195 sq.m. |
DESIGN/ BUILT: 2015-2016 / 2018 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Zhu Siyu, Arch-Exist Photography |

Keywords: personal memory, urban space, perceived experience, curved corners

The project is located in a tall building in Hongkou District, Shanghai. The owner is a young couple who was preparing the first home for their upcoming child. The design integrated both needs of parents and kid, strikes a balance between coolness and childish in order to create a space full of experience, perception and safety. From the birth of the baby to the toddler, during this period, the child will form the earliest cognition to the space. Meanwhile, the design also brings the memories of city and home together.

From the perspective of space and fabric, urban design is projected as an intention into this interior design. The interior space combination is compared to the city masterplan, from urban to interior, street to corridor, plaza to living room, house to room, and toilet as an auxiliary function. The owner’s interpretation of different architectural styles and the designer’s early memory of Italian mountain city space are combined. Incorporating personal memory, urban space, first space experience in life, arc corners into it, which carries subtle design thoughts.