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LOCATION:  Wanchai District, Hongkong |
TYPE:  Residence |
SCALE:  80 sq.m. |
DESIGN/BUILT:  2003 / 2006 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Jeremy San |

Located near the mountain, it’s a 1970’s typical plate-type apartment in Hong Kong. What surprising the visitors upon entering the front gate through crowded street in Wanchai is full of peaceful green plants outside the windows. The interior design sought to bring these green inside to create a natural living space against the ‘concrete forest’ city. One of the most crucial aspects is the material. Parts of Walls in the living room, dinning, and kitchen are wrapped by 2-4 cm thick wooden panels to form bookshelf, window arm-chair, stereo-cabinet, and cupboard, etc. Two rows of flexible wooden panels closet and headboard are adaptable for different size between architectural constructions in two bedrooms. green and white small mosaic in the kitchen, washroom and storage is a respect for the normal material in early Hong Kong.

The interior design lasted for a long time while the new occupant focuses on a sustainable life using, designing and constructing the apartment at the same time.