IMG_0221 IMG_7290_1 IMG_7353_1 IMG_7520_1 IMG_7521_1 IMG_7550_1LOCATION: Jiading District, Shanghai |
TYPE: Clubhouse |
SCALE: 5,000 sq.m. |
DESIGN/BUILT: 2010 / 2012 |
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Su Shengliang |

The project is located in the Feicheng creative industry park in the Jiading district, Shanghai. The original structure was an annex building of Xiangdong Buddhism museum all designed by Liu Jiakun. Due to a new business model, renovation sought to satisfy the functional requirements of clubhouse not only by rebuilding the space as well as the facade. The vertical structure emphasizes a sense of tension in the space better than original horizontal structure. Compared to the red brick of Buddhism museum, the orange and yellow ceramic panels facade creates a more energetic environment for the future business of hotel, clubhouse and office.

Some diagonals connecting with the entrances of clubhouse and museum divided the landscape into several pieces of irregular polygon with flagstone and gravel pavement. Wetland is friendly to the ecological environment of surrounding farm, which planting Chinese pennisetum and maiden grass, etc. Also, it’s a public community landscape park for people living nearby.