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Site:  Jiading, Shanghai |
Type: R&D Office, Commercial |
Scale:  47,000 sq.m. |
Design/Built:  2010-13/2015 |
Photography: Zhu Siyu, EIICHI KANO |

Commission for a 25,000 sq.m mixed-use commercial and R&D complex with three office / hotel towers and four blocks of clubhouse, dining, retail, research and development office buildings. Part of the above-grade space of the project as well as a large portion of its basement also house a cen-tral mechanical room for the natural gas power generator to supply clean energy for over150,000 sq.m of R&D offices on the entire campus. The project is a co-work with the LDI SIDAR. It was designed and pre-sented through the latest BIM (Revit) approach at the SD to DD stage.