Architecture is materialized between men and nature, and at once de-materialized by time, place, and use. Through continuous honing of our minds and craft, we pursue good design and sincere architecture.



Time, or temporality is what gives architecture its true life and spirit. Helped by the ageing and weathering effects of time, the momentary flashing of light and shadow, stirring movement of wind and water, meaning of architecture goes beyond visual spectacle and formal articulation.


Place, or locality where architecture exists, creates the specific conditions for the work to be rooted contextually and gives its cultural meaning, resulting in a work that is both about the place and re-defines the place at the same time.


Use, or usage of an architectural space, reflects on one end the intrinsic needs and desires of the inhabitant, and on the other end the ontological values of architecture. Architecture’s raison d’être and condition for beauty exist within the notion of “use” that can be forever mutable and yet, meaningfully consistent.

We define “use” not by pre-conceived functions, but by what we actually do in a particular time and place, with a multitude of actions:  Inspire | Learn | Build | Connect | Restore

to Inspire, is to reveal beauty, spirituality, power and wisdom  of Man, Nature, and the Divine

to Learn, is to extend beyond the known world, and to explore into the unknown universe.

to Build, is to reflect the human nature of producing both the tangibles and the intangibles, while creating new potentials and real values.

to Connect, is to bring together communities and ideas, goods and services, and to bring them to different places

to Restore, is to anchor in time and space, to find refuge for body and mind, to rest, to repair, to replenish both matter and energy, and to return to the origin of intent.

Architecture as we practice, is a living, constructive process of research, design, and execution.  The three are practiced sequentially, in parallel, as well as interstitially.  Research is about observing the known and discovering the unknowable.  Research is the prerequisite and basis for—as well as genesis of—design.  Design challenges the status quo and refuses to become a static product.  Design is an act of philosophical thought and strategic manoeuvre, a synthesis of method and craft.  Execution sets the standard for design and warrants the resulting architecture.  Execution is about judgment and will.  Moreover, it is about system and process.

Research: Observing & Discovery

Design: Method & Craft

Execution: System & Process


ALYA × Historical Context =
Embracing contemporary aesthetics while enhancing historical buildings through design

ALYA ×  Community Revitalization =
Building inclusive neighborhood with social innovation and communal activism

ALYA ×  Smart Future =
Creating smart urbanism based on a co-sharing economic model