Exhibition: Vicissitude of Vision: Inaugural Sino-Europe Invitational Architectural Exhibition 2020-2021 (Shanghai)

Co-organized by the Sino-Europe Architectural Media Center (SEAMC) and Sino-Germany Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture Association, the Inaugural Sino-Europe Invitational Architectural Exhibition 2020-2021 opened at the Roca Gallery in Shanghai on October 31, 2020, and will be free to the general public starting from November 1 to November 30 by reservation.  The organizers plan to bring the exhibition to the Le Corbusier Gallery at the Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart, Germany in 2021.

Curated by renowned Shanghai-based architect-curator-urbanist Mr. Yuyang Liu, the goal of the Exhibition – in light of the global pandemic, with geopolitical, economic, and climate uncertainty – is to bring together 16 Chinese studios and 8 European studios to share their visions and works, and to establish common grounds by fostering mutual dialogues.